Working Out Essay Summary

When  I have my introduction I have my thesis I have my main arguments from my body and I have technically one sentence but really like a nice Plitt it into two with a semicolon so technically one sentence but there you go very short very sweet to the point let’s look at another example here again to what extent do you agree or disagree to another opinion I fully believe that politicians need to set aside their own interest and remember that these events are meant to showcase a nation for the world body one demonstrate power through the people body to negative consequences corruption etc in conclusion so before I had to conclude now having conclusion same thing it is true the sports are a powerful tool to convey a nation’s strength and unity notice.

I don’t say I believe that I make it a firm statement it is true that sports are powerful tool unfortunately sports themselves and the athletes who participate in them have become tools for the world’s leaders who ought to focus on their people rather than themselves and there’s my both my thesis that they should do something else and that people have become tools and the athletes the sports and the athletes have become tools and that politicians need to do something else over the world leaders need to think about them instead of themselves about the athletes instead of themselves about the nation instead of themselves okay let’s go to the last one here I had a two-part question what can they do it’s an open question and what what can we without excuse me what communistic a letís do and what can they do to fund these so it’s a two-part open-ended question there’s no opinion here and as soon as you don’t have an opinion make sure that in the conclusion you don’t say I think that they didn’t ask you for an opinion don’t give them one not in the introduction not in the conclusion as this essay will demonstrate.

So I’m outlining what this essay will do city officials have several options when it comes to encouraging locals to commute by bus train or other means including taxing drivers which would also finance infrastructure as well as changing public attitudes body 1 collecting fees taxing drivers body to educating the public ok so here I wrote two conclusions in the first one I have three sentences simple sentences in the second one I have the same conclusion but two sentences in summary a government has the power to change the city’s traffic situation by altering the public’s views okay so they can do something if the cost of driving increases sharply people will likely choose to save time and money by taking the bus 1 if they also believe that a train is more enjoyable they might want to take advantage of this opportunity so taxing them and educating them or make showing them a different attitude ok I put it all together in the second one in summary.