Working Out Essay Summary

When  I have my introduction I have my thesis I have my main arguments from my body and I have technically one sentence but really like a nice Plitt it into two with a semicolon so technically one sentence but there you go very short very sweet to the point let’s look at another example here again to what extent do you agree or disagree to another opinion I fully believe that politicians need to set aside their own interest and remember that these events are meant to showcase a nation for the world body one demonstrate power through the people body to negative consequences corruption etc in conclusion so before I had to conclude now having conclusion same thing it is true the sports are a powerful tool to convey a nation’s strength and unity notice.

I don’t say I believe that I make it a firm statement it is true that sports are powerful tool unfortunately sports themselves and the athletes who participate in them have become tools for the world’s leaders who ought to focus on their people rather than themselves and there’s my both my thesis that they should do something else and that people have become tools and the athletes the sports and the athletes have become tools and that politicians need to do something else over the world leaders need to think about them instead of themselves about the athletes instead of themselves about the nation instead of themselves okay let’s go to the last one here I had a two-part question what can they do it’s an open question and what what can we without excuse me what communistic a letís do and what can they do to fund these so it’s a two-part open-ended question there’s no opinion here and as soon as you don’t have an opinion make sure that in the conclusion you don’t say I think that they didn’t ask you for an opinion don’t give them one not in the introduction not in the conclusion as this essay will demonstrate.

So I’m outlining what this essay will do city officials have several options when it comes to encouraging locals to commute by bus train or other means including taxing drivers which would also finance infrastructure as well as changing public attitudes body 1 collecting fees taxing drivers body to educating the public ok so here I wrote two conclusions in the first one I have three sentences simple sentences in the second one I have the same conclusion but two sentences in summary a government has the power to change the city’s traffic situation by altering the public’s views okay so they can do something if the cost of driving increases sharply people will likely choose to save time and money by taking the bus 1 if they also believe that a train is more enjoyable they might want to take advantage of this opportunity so taxing them and educating them or make showing them a different attitude ok I put it all together in the second one in summary.

Add Emphasis To Your Paper

If you read the first let’s say half page of a paper and then you have to you put the paper aside because you have to do something else we receive phone call how likely that you will come back to that work so the important thing is to kind of sell your stuff in a good way and also convince the reader that what you’re doing is important and this typically happens in the abstract so the abstract is kind of live short which is sometimes called summary in German which I don’t think it’s the best translation for that so I typically stick with the work abstract which typically consists of four to five sentences and most a lot of papers are these good ones follow kind of a certain structure and the structures kind of answer these four sentences sometimes these are five sentences sometimes that says a person I want to put more emphasis on the what or I want to put more emphasis on the why or I may not want to explain the problem because it’s obvious. Get to know how to do clear explanations on Edusson.

I directly start with why are typically what the problem and why is typically done also in one sentence and then I may spend a sentence more on a spec number three but these are four things that your abstract should cover the first thing state the problem so what is the problem that you’re investigating and why is this a problem this can be very simple like mobile robots driving through the environment need to know where obstacles are in order to drive without collisions it’s a pretty clear statement and then you say then you continue with next one why is it’s interesting because collision free navigation is the key technology to build autonomous systems and then you motivate it if you have a paper which addresses the navigation problem that this is something that is worth investigating or if you’re going to present a new sensor you say doing hype high accurate measurements of whatever buildings is important in for several disciplines for construction site for evaluating how far a construction site off for example if you want to address that problem and then you say in this paper we present and you work the general that allows us to develop a more accurate sensor because this allows us to measure whatever as accurate as before but requiring only a tenth of the time to so you need to motivate your work.

So you say say the problem say why this interesting so why should I continue to read that so what is the game that I had the reader will get and then you say what you’re doing so you say what is my solution to that this paper proposes a menial algorithm to solve this in that problem or this paper presents a new sensor design which just cost a tenth of the price that a previous sensor system for example would cost and then finally say what follows from that this technology enables us to whatever build more accurate Maps that we could do that in the past or get more accurate reconstructions of buildings then it was possible before you may say this allows whatever new building technology to exploit this technique and to whatever this technology is useful for suite the important thing is does your abstract and from these four questions and you typically should do that in that order as I said you may combine 1 and 2 into one sentence and then spend two sentences on a spec number three or number four that’s all fine but these four key things should actually be covered so it’s kind of the key element having a good starting well into your paper in how to write a paper.

Working on a Complete Sentences

What makes a complete sentence there with a subject and a verb it’s got an idea it’s going to be a narrative you can give lots of details and everything it’s great ok did I get anything for C C is this paragraph is about the increasing divorce rate now when it comes to fixing these types of sentences you just really have to remove the the part that announces the the topic right so I’m did we get anything from that no okay I’ll just give an answer here I would say something like the increasing divorce rate as many effects on society something like that there the increasing divorce rate has many effects on society keep it simple but again now you’ve got you still have a complete sentence you’ve got an idea in there and it’s a little bit more focused too if you just say this paragraph is about the increasing divorce rate.

We don’t know if you’re talking about the causes of it the effects of it or anything like that so now it’s it’s much clearer and more focused all right what about II three reasons to study a language abroad coming in from Mohammed I think yeah good yeah so maybe he took my advice from from earlier and kept it simple and again nailed it there he said there are three reasons why you should study a language abroad I would just change that one that G to an S there right three reasons I hear a sentence coming in let me see so the one from from Gerald may be coming in as says teen pregnancy may be prevented by improved education where’s which ones that hmm this question it’s just always this a good one oh I see okay so is this a good topic sentence teen pregnancy may be prevented by improved education yes I think that’s a great topic sentence and lots and lots to write about in the paragraph so yeah – Gerald there.

I would say definitely that is a good topic sentence all right what about G do we get anything for G technology is changing so fast again it’s too broad what could you say about technology changing so fast how about I’ll just copy this put it down here whoops technology is changing so fast that what could you say the older generation has trouble keeping up with advancements yeah sorry to the any any older people watching but technology is changing so fast that the older generation has trouble keeping up with advancements now you’ve just got something a little bit more specific H anything come in for H no um okay my daughter was born in the summer of 2010 I would again say something meaningful about it say to give some kind of idea about it so how about my daughter’s my daughter’s birth was the best day of my life we’ll keep it simple okay my daughter’s birth was the best day of my life and then I coming in from Justin oh yeah sorry he said that it was announcing the topic I would like to discuss poverty how poverty affects education again keep this one simple and say there are many ways how poverty affects education just like that okay and now you’ve got some strong topic sentences alright so that basically wraps it up.

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